SEO Optimized Content vs Normal Content

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The digital world is made up of wonderfully written content. Every day, people write content for various purposes, and in two distinct types of content writing— SEO content and normal or general content. All content aims to educate, inform, or entertain the target audience. However, they differ, especially when online content marketing is considered in the equation.

This guide will teach you the difference between the two types of creating content and their respective goals.

novelist or blogger

What is Normal Content Writing?

A great example of normal content is a novel. It purely entertains the target audience. Normal content also means writing a blog post without following a specific keyword. There is a misconception that people mistook blog content belonging always under SEO content.

Most of these publications that fall under general content strive to inform the reader, increase interaction (likes, shares, and comments), and build a relationship with their audience.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content?

Don’t be confused. SEO content creation in form is closely similar to producing normal content. However, copywriters and content writers are required to apply content optimization by using relevant keywords on the blog posts, landing pages, or online write-ups they are doing. SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your website or web content on the first page of Google SERPs or search engine rankings.

Did you know that compared to a page in the tenth position, the first organic result in the search engine ranking is ten times more likely to obtain a click? To achieve this, you should have a content strategy to produce quality content. As mentioned earlier, having the target keyword or doing keyword research for your content is essential. But you also need to make sure of its relevance. You must ensure original and comprehensive content to focus on a certain keyword density.

The Goal of SEO Content

The primary focus of search engine content optimization is online marketing. You should rank in search engines like Google, so your intended audience clicks your website, will have a better understanding of your product or service, and eventually makes a purchase.

However, the digital marketing space nowadays does not recommend hard selling. Instead, most website owners ask an SEO expert to create content like long-form articles that educate the readers on topics related to the products.

Content Strategy

10 Tips for Producing Fresh Content That Will Ace The Search Results

The following are a few topics your SEO content writer should concentrate on to increase your search engine rankings:

  1. Google’s algorithms are continually improving to provide better results. Google rewards you with high rankings in search engine results if you are writing content with quality.
  2. Nobody wants to read long blocks of text; if Google bots see it, it will lower your ranking potential.
  3. Because Google favors authoritative content, the most widely indexed articles are usually at least 600 words long.
  4. Content optimization may only sometimes be as directly beneficial to search engine rankings as building links.
  5. Great content will also attract links from other external sites, which will benefit off-page SEO, resulting in higher ranking positions and more organic traffic.
  6. Optimizing content will also make your site or pages shareable on social media, resulting in more traffic and exposure.
  7. You need to have a user-friendly and mobile-responsive web design.
  8. Authoritative sites start writing content with proper keywords on your most important pages.
  9. Aside from long tail keywords, some of the essential components of Google’s ranking algorithms are domain authority, linking structure, meta description, title tag, and anchor texts.
  10. Choosing keywords based solely on search volume is useless.