About Kevin Khoury

Professional SEO Writer

Since 2015, I’ve been completely enamoured with ranking websites in Google. There’s a certain thrill and sense of satisfaction when a company grows due to their presence in search engines.

This passion of mine blossomed into writing the content on all of our clients’ web pages. I was only good at one thing in school, writing essays in english class. So, it only makes sense that I focus on writing, and those skills combined with my in -depth SEO knowledge is a recipe for success.

Kevin Khoury

SEO content writer Kevin Khoury in Chicago, IL


My Entrepreneurial Journey

My background is in communications and my journey started in call center training in 2009. This helped me craft my sales skills, people skills and leadership.

After my stint as a CEO in 2013, I decided to start my own call center in Charleston, SC. This forced me to learn about marketing, SEO and how to get more clients.


Chicago, Illinois. USA


Rhode Island. USA

Military Experience

US Army - 1999
MOS - 88L Boat Engineer


Charleston Insourcing
Direct Allied Agency

Notable Clients

Reeves Remodeling
Trifusion Tactical

Taking Clients To The Top

Taking Clients To The Top

Sometimes The Missing Piece Is Your Content

Through many years of conducting SEO audits and reverse engineering competitive search results, I’ve encountered numerous “stubborn” websites. Basically, sites who should be ranking higher in SERPS, but are not. So many situations that I’ve encountered, it was the websites’ content.

I’ve been around long enough to know that content is still the way that Google understands our websites, what they’re about, and how to rank them. Rewriting website content becomes necessary to find the perfect balance between user intent, compelling content, and SEO keyword optimization.