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Website content writers typically come cheap, but a professional SEO content rewriter is what is needed when your existing web copy is not getting the point across in search engines.

Hire one SEO rewriter with the expertise and tools to analyze every page of your website content and replace the words with highly optimized, thoroughly researched copywriting for your company site. This service is critical for businesses in any industry to take the next step in their ranking strategy to outrank competitors in Google.


Now accepting new clients in the United States

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What does a digital content writer do?

I’m Kevin Khoury, I have 10 years of web content writing experience and I own a professional search engine optimization business catering to US based companies in various industries. My focus is on content creation for websites based on meticulous research.

Why other web content writers fall short?


What I do is rewrite website content in the english language for customers looking to improve their results in search engines. I know how to optimize keywords using historical information about search terms and phrases that people have used on the internet, as well as data from competitors websites in a specific location. Then, using my SEO knowledge and writing skills, I will write the story of your business in a better way to get your brand message artfully communicated to your qualified audience, resulting in more traffic to the site.

Typical marketing agencies and SEO writing services will use ai programs to automatically spin out lackluster content in bulk to thousands of customers a day. What you pay for with other services is an outsourced project to a non native english speaker outside of the US. I see this regularly where my clients originally trusted cheap web content writers who fell short of their expectations.

I’m much different because I choose to work with clients on a more personal level. I don’t outsource, I am the only person writing each piece of quality content. Every client has specific needs and requires quality content in order to get more leads from the website. It boils down to this, communication is the key to all client projects.

Businesses who come to me for website rewriting or new content writing services can expect a dedicated partner with an SEO background who will analyze every aspect of your website text and produce genuine content that will start to outperform your competitors any search engine.

Can you rewrite the home page of your website?

If you notice leads are not coming in as frequently, users are dropping off your site (high bounce rate), decreases in web traffic, or less sales from your products or services, then it may be time to rewrite your website content.

All pages of a website are important, but the front page is what Google reads first, and is by far the focus of every content marketing strategy. Most copywriters will agree with this, but some SEO professionals will try to just create more content via blog posts or expanding existing content. My tried and true approach is to research and hyper-optimize every page, starting with the homepage. This forces search engines to crawl and re-index all website keywords.

Your audience is more than just website visitors. There are various technical processes happening in the background to determine where your site is placed in search results. So it’s important to have a strong content marketing game plan that sends the right information to Google and other websites on the internet.

Here are some examples of web content I work with:


Service based




eCommerce & product descriptions


Products & service






Silo Site


Internet Marketing


I’m a native US writer producing unique, quality content using up to date SEO techniques to fit your business needs.

How to hire me for web content writing services

My content process starts with a call to fully understand your business and expectations. The success of all writing jobs hinges upon consistent communication, especially before the work begins. You’ll receive a unique content proposal from me depending on your industry, your target audience and my recommended word count. Yes, I will even tell you the recommended words you need based on the data I uncover from various SEO tools. Hiring a web content writer is a critical piece of maintaining your website and keeping it optimized to rank higher on the internet. That’s why I focus on the overall experience with the people I work with. You will be presented with a proposed outline of the copy and any other ongoing content marketing campaigns that may be beneficial in the future. Your not just paying for a one time content writing service, you’re getting a professional SEO writer who is actually interested in the success of your company.
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I’m a US based content strategist
focused on optimizing web properties

Web Content Writer

Let's get started rewriting your web content to rocket propel your status in search engines!


About Me

6 years SEO experience

I started writing at a very young age with creative short stories. After I graduated, I tried my hand in business, where I wrote all the web content for my own site and every article as well. I tried to capture the full attention of the reader, and slowly I noticed that more and more users were visiting my website.

I have over 6 years of SEO experience and web content writing for many different industries including real estate, construction companies and even medical service providers. I’ve rewritten numerous web pages and seen immediate improvements in Google rankings, and that is truly my passion and what separates me from other content writers.

I’ve lived in various places in the US, which has given me exposure to all our cultures and unique people in every major city. Being a proud native born American and US Army veteran means there will be no misunderstanding in the content creation process.

Many SEO writers don’t use the proper tone and technique to turn website visitors into actual customers, and that’s where I am different. Quality content is the start of establishing a strong brand image for most businesses, and that’s my guarantee with my writing style.

10 years content writing experience

The content writing process

Web content analysis takes as much time as writing the web copy or article. I use sophisticated correlation tools to uncover similarities and strategies used by the highest ranked websites. I run various audits on the existing web content to determine similar keyword usage and the frequency of utilization (density).

I consider every phrase that users would search for, and find the right industry data to determine which words to use in the content.

I get all the information about competitor backlinks, website speed, hidden content, and other SEO metrics to determine what needs to be included in our new content writing strategy. These are all important factors to consider when I rewrite web content.

The fun part of this writing service by far is the content creation process. My challenge is to remain consistent with your brand while generating digestible, compelling content that stimulates the reader to take action on your website or on landing pages.

I use a native US tone specific to your industry audience and location of your business to tell your story better and focus on the message being portrayed to visitors via the website content.

Previous Clients Projects

The best web content writers won’t shy away from showing their work. Every writing project I’ve completed has helped the business increase their bottom line in one way or another. Here are a few examples of my human rewritten content:

Reeves Remodeling

Ranking started slipping, so I upgraded the web content on the homepage to reclaim their position.

Trifusion Tactical

Rewrote their product descriptions to outperform all sites including their actual vendor’s website.


This business wanted to change their target keyword and focus on another service. I replaced the existing content with well researched copy to improve their position in the SERP’s.

Why search engine optimization is important for web content

A great content marketing strategy is nothing without properly setting search terms and keyword phrases into web pages carefully to out rank competition and compel the reader to take action.

Improper or outdated content writing techniques will always send the wrong signal to search engines, resulting in fewer leads and loss of business. Hiring website rewriters with a high level of expertise in search engine optimization is one of the best things you can do for your website performance.

Website content marketing is the main driver in your position in search engines because bots will crawl the copy on the site to determine what your message is, and how relevant your content is to users.

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