Meet Your Web Content Writer

Hiring a web content writer is just as important as commissioning a team to build your website, and equally critical to the success of your SEO campaign. These three elements need to coordinate synergistically to get amazing results in Google, and ensures a successful internet marketing strategy.

A Web Content Specialist — Kevin Khoury

If your copywriter doesn’t have experience with building websites AND working with SEO marketing agencies, you may want to hire someone who does. The more digital marketing skills he or she has, the better.

I’ve owned four businesses, and I know firsthand what a client expects, and how to sell to customers. One of these companies is a web design and search engine optimization agency, which I launched in 2015. I possess the tools and relevant knowledge needed to create the best content that will not only get more online traffic, but also compels readers to take action on your website.

This is something I’ve been doing for my own clients for seven years.

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I work alone

My services are available to select businesses with high competition. Each project is chosen carefully because I prefer to work with people more closely than the average bulk article writing agency and freelance content writers do. I take copywriting seriously, and it shows in the results I produce, which are published in my case studies.

My own writing process

For me, crafting high quality content requires days of SEO research followed by studying your industry to gather information about how your audience makes buying decisions, and the type of voice that needs to be used for the reader to take action on your sales pages.

I think of myself as a web content analyst because I hunt for clues in the data I gather from competitors sites and various search terms they’re ranking for in their web pages and blog posts. I assess each piece of information carefully and come up with ways to craft a masterpiece that readers enjoy reading, while organically increasing the site rank in search engines.

Creating content for various industries

It can be difficult to find experts in all the business niches in the world, if not impossible. As a dedicated website copywriter, I create a keyword analysis for each topic and all business services or products that my client offers. This analysis is important to discuss and perfect before completing my web content projects, because it ensures we are on the same page about our goals and outline of the web copy I produce.

No success can be achieved unless I understand your business and industry as a whole.

Why Dedicated Professional Content Writers Are Different

If you own a large business with employees and a team, it only makes sense to add a dedicated web content strategist into the equation. Do you really want to put your credit card in a random website and wait 10 days for an offshore agent to spin existing articles on the internet using AI tools as they struggle to write effectively in our unique American English language?

When you hire a content writer, you want one person you can call to strategize with and discuss your content marketing needs on a high level. Dedicated writers are there to help you with any editing required in the future, and all your additional content creation jobs needed on an ongoing basis; such as periodic blog writing.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to repeatedly working with the same copywriter is that you get quality content written in the same style and voice for your audience. Much of the important research is already done on your business, making each project smoother, faster and easier for everyone.

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The Reason I'm So Passionate

Not many web content writers can say that they have such extensive SEO experience as I do. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of ranking websites in Google and watching each page on the site scale up in SERPS. When I wake up in the morning, I look at search engine keyword positions for my clients sites, as well as my own. It puts a child-like smile on my face to see improvements in traffic and rank.

The true purpose of hiring someone for professional content writing services is to increase web page rank in search engines, resulting in more customers on the internet. I’m a creative writer at heart who takes great pride in guiding the reader through all phases of the buying cycle and into your sales funnel. Like a player on any team, I flat out enjoy winning.

It's All About Strategy

Every business is different, every website is different, so every content marketing strategy should be unique. The game plan we come up with will work hand in hand with your branding and social media campaigns. I consider myself a web content manager because I analyze all aspects of your creative elements and incorporate everything into our project. I can rewrite product descriptions, digital ads, SEO titles, meta descriptions and even brochure copy so that it all makes sense.

Your web content writing should reflect your company image and help achieve overall marketing goals for each and every topic on all sales pages. I’m here to piece it all together and make your web writing worries disappear.

What I specialize in

I’m a website rewriter and web content editor working on “money web pages,” which are the focus pages of the site for converting users into buyers. I also specialize in creating content for new blog articles, service and product descriptions as well as home page copy.

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Kevin Khoury from site rewriter

Here Are Some Questions People Frequently Ask Me

The art of adding relevant, well researched words (text) to any medium, whether on a website, social media post, advertisement or blog.

Like many digital copywriters, I can provide engaging posts for a website as part of a larger project, but I do not offer one off, or bulk blog writing services.

Expert writers typically charge anywhere from .25 cents per word to $1.25 per word, based on the independent research conducted with major web writing companies.

The preferred content writers for you should be the result of a one on one interview to ensure he or she possesses the skills and personality needed to complete your project. Always ensure your writer has SEO experience with proven case studies.